Lenora McClellan has been given the gift of writing from an early age. She describes herself as “an author poet, playwright, and a women of God.” She reads from her book “By God’s Grace” published in 2013.  She said about the poetry in “By God’s Grace,” “I hope one day to share this book with others, because it signifies how God has developed and changed me to glorify Him and to inspire other to do the same.” Lenora has written 10 books and four plays.

Below are excerpts from the poem.


Imagine me, money spent, separated all alone, left to deal with this

issue on my own,   . . . . . .


This issue that has isolated me,

Thrown down, cast out from society

To live my life in this misery, will

I ever be free, will I ever be free


And the many who had just called on

His name who from that very instant

Were never the same Jesus/ Jesus/Jesus. . . . . .


And He called out to me, for He knew He had healed my infirmity

On his Way to Jarius’ daughter, who was almost dead, He turned,

And stopped, to help me instead

For in the middle of the crowd, Jesus stopped and said,


“Who touched me?” and I,

Being seen by all, I came to Jesus

And I did fall, down at His feet.. . . .

Clearly see I was the woman

With the twelve-year infirmity,

Who in my desperation a touch I

Stole, believing that Jesus could

Make me whole, and Jesus

Then said to me, “Your faith

Has made you whole.

My daughter, go in peace.”

And from that very hour, He caused

The blood to cease, and restored

My mind, my body, and soul

And declared me whole, whole, whole

Thank you, Jesus

Thank you, Jesus

Thank you, Jesus.  For making me whole