Local Publication Opportunities

Local Publication Opportunities

Mercury Retrograde

Edited by Dana Lynch, a recent CSUB grad, mentored by Matt Woodman

Open to any writers from Kern County (past or present)

First issue theme:  COVID – issue coming out in June/July

Next issue:  Ukraine and Human Rights

To be published quarterly

Email:  mercuryretrogrademag@gmail.com

Seeking all genres, artwork and photography

The Wasteland

Edited by Rusty Hatfield 

Submission Period:  Always Open

Email:  thewastelandsubmissions@gmail.com

Instagram:  @wasteland_zine

Seeking poetry and flash fiction, graphic artwork and photography

Planisphere Q

Edited by Cyn Bermudez, President of Writers of Kern

Submission Period:  Quarterly

Email:  pqsubmissions@gmail.com

Instagram, FB, and Twitter: @planisphereq

Seeking all genres, see guidelines for details

Rabid Oak

Edited by Shelby Pinkham, Austin Yi and Matt Woodman

Published on-line erratically

Broadcasting from southern San Joaquin Valley

Looking for poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction (under 1,000 words) that is not previously published.  See Submissions at rabidoak.com

Rabid Oak also publishes a series of “Locally Sourced” literature centered on writing that captures life in this neck of the woods:  Visalia to Frazier Park, McKittrick to Mojave, the traditional territory of the Yokuts, Chumash, Kitanemuk, Kawaiisu, and Tübatulabal peoples.

Email:  rabidoak@gmail.com