First Friday Open Mic on January 6 will feature The Bakersfield Fan Forum, pictured above. BFF are, left to right, Barry Michael, Joseph Mosconi, Maryah Chester, Viridiana Pena, Marco Silva.


Story by Portia Choi


The First Friday Open Mic on January 6, 2017 will feature The Bakersfield Fan Forum.   The event will start at 6:00 pm at Dagny’s Coffee located at 1600 20th Street (Corner of 20th and Eye St) Bakersfield, CA 93301.   

The Bakersfield Fan Forum (BFF) was a class at California State University Bakersfield (CSUB).   One of the goals of the class was the production of a book by each of the students and the visiting artist.    Each book was displayed as a work of work at the Todd Madigan Gallery at CSUB.  The visiting artist was Joseph Mosconi of the Poetic Research Bureau in Los Angeles.  The students were Maryah Paige Chester, Barry Michael, Viridiana Pena Tapia and Marco Silva.   These books are available for purchase and can be viewed freely in a downloadadable version at  The BFF also had guest poets from Los Angeles and New York.

More information on the Bakersfield Fan Forum (BFF) and its participants are in a previous post on this website.


On Saturday, January 7, there will be poetry from the time that Dagny’s Coffee opens at 7:00 am until it closes at 6:00 pm.  The Dagny’s Coffee Shop & Eatery is in downtown Bakersfield, 1600 20th Street (Corner of 20th and Eye St).

If you have a poem to share, or just want to enjoy poetry, please show up anytime 7:00 am to 6:00 pm!  One of the activities is for you to participate in writing a poem about  NURTURING:  nurturing oneself, nurturing the poet within, nurturing each other, or nurturing our community.

Throughout the day, there will be reading aloud of poems that the participant has written, or works by their favorite poets, or well-known literature.

The event is sponsored by Dagny’s Coffee and Kern Poetry (  The event is free and open to the public.